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Amazing Clients

I have no typical clients. They are all extraordinary.
I am known to ask clarifying questions
so I can help you
reach the right people,
in the ways they want to be reached. 

Happily, my parents nurtured my sense of curiosity, and now that's how I make my living. I ask lots of questions. I get learn about lots of amazing things. And then I get to teach it to others. If I can understand it, I can teach it.

I am a certified schoolteacher. If you can catch and keep the attention of small children, you might have a shot capturing and converting the passing glance of your target audience. 

And, isn't that what content marketing is?

Teaching your prospective and returning clients as they move through your sales funnel. As they deepen into relationship with you, your brand, and/or your offering.

I have no typical clients. They are all extraordinary.

My client roster tends to include branding and marketing agencies, small and medium businesses (SMBs), local businesses, freelancers and other consultants, small business owners, authors, private practitioners, & other independent service providers.

Client List & More Testimonials

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