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Select Portfolio of Writings & Collaborations


Content & Copy Editing

Extensive copy edits, rewrites, & original copy

for four Program Guides

in theYoga International 

print magazine

... In addition to her social media responsibilities, Suzanne also played an important role in managing our program guide, a printed guide to our programs with a print run of 85,000-95,000.

She also edited copy, bringing a more marketing-centric approach to our program descriptions and general copy.

~ Todd Wolfenberg, CEO, Yoga International


Copy Editing & Fresh Copy Writing in Collaboration

Suzanne provided instructional design and writing for one of our high-tech client's user manuals. She started with a source document from previous owners and contributors but it needed updating and finish out. Suzanne added new material in dialogue with our client and did the final copy-edit. Her finished product was thorough, user-friendly, and consistently followed our new style guide. What I didn't expect was this: Suzanne's active listening and questioning clarified my own thinking on MLink's new marketing efforts—some rather nice systems thinking on her part, but this time applied to marketing and communications.

~ Regan Smith, CEO,

MLink ELearning & Mobile Learning Custom Solutions

Extensive copy edits & technical writing on the Nokia Internet Tablet Technical Training Manual

Content & Copy Writing

Press releases & advertorials.

Print, online, newspaper,

& magazines. Local & marquis publications.

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