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It was delightful to work with Suzanne. She worked with me as a marketing consultant and advisor on a business concept. The assignment was such that there was very loose guidance wherein good delivery required a high level of business aptitude, professional experience and capability. In short the results were outstanding, not only in her synthesis of the concept but in her value added input that you would expect from a Director/VP level marketing guru which indeed she is.


Would highly recommend you consider her for your next project.

~ Josh Peterson, CEO, Cubed

How I Add Value

I tend to find myself in an advisory role because I bring dialogue.


I ask broad clarifying questions about processes, ideal customers, "sweet spots" in the market, business objectives & sales goals, the competitive landscape, fulfillment capabilities, and other angles.

Sometimes these questions have never been asked, or asked in such a way. As we figure out answers together, we surface new ideas and possibilities.

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